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Bolt Batteries Ltd is an industry award winning & ISO accredited manufacturer and wholesaler of automotive batteries. Our manufacturing facility in Fiji – Pacific Batteries Ltd is the South Pacific’s premier battery manufacturer since 1965. In New Zealand, we have wholesale sites in Auckland and Wellington and an expanding list of stockists New Zealand wide.

Our core brands are:

  • BOLT


Bolt Batteries

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With a reputation built on Quality Products, Pacific Batteries Ltd now supplies Bolt Batteries to Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Samoa, Tonga, Kiribati, Solomon Island, Vanuatu, Singapore and Middle East such as Bahrain and Oman to name a few. Pacific Batteries Ltd are also the Supplier of batteries for Toyota Dealers in several Pacific Island Countries.

Pacific Batteries Ltd is committed to a culture of continued improvement. This is both reflected in their achievement and various industry awards that they have secured over the years.

Today, Pacific Batteries continues to lead the way in battery production in Fiji producing a diverse range of Lead Acid Batteries in Automotive, Deep-Cycle, Marine, Golf cart, Traction and VRLA (Solar, UPS, Telecom) Application.

In addition we also tailor-make batteries for individual customer’s needs.

Our Core Brands

Bolt Batteries Higher CCA With Greater Reserve Capacity Maintenance Free
Bolt Batteries Gold Maintenance Free Batteries
Pacific Power Maintenance Free Batteries

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